Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Payday loans online?

Here at National Cash Credit, we have worked hard to develop a safe, trusted online solution to those awful payday loan and cash loan stores you have to wait in for hours to get a little extra cash before payday. We've all been there - walking into those stores is nothing but embarrassing, seeing everyone looking at you as you walk in the door, everyone wondering why they're all standing there. Your financial situation is no one's business but your own - that's why National Cash Credit has a simple online solution. Apply online at our secure website, and we find the lender best matched to your needs to get you the most money for the lowest rate.

You can apply from anywhere you have internet access - your home, your office or even your smartphone or iPad! Easy, right? We know there are a lot of online lenders out there - unfortunately, a lot of them are predatory and looking to get you with hidden fees and ridiculous rates that will end up sending you into a spiral of more debt! Our trusted network of lenders work hard to offer only the most competitive rates for our customers, giving you the maximum amount possible for your payday loan while offering low fees and options to even pay back at a later date if you need some extra time to get back on your feet.

National Cash Credit is comprised of REAL people, here in the USA, who are proud to offer a safe, simple alternative to those shady storefronts waiting to take your money...our goal is to get you some quick cash, get your bills paid, and get you back up and running so you can get on with life.

Check out our website today at National Cash Credit and give us a try! It's free to apply, and you can find out the deals we have to offer quickly without faxing or wasting your time! We're here to help!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Overdraft Avoidance Payday Loans

Online Payday Loans Help Avoid Overdraft Fees

When your bank account goes into the red, even by an amount as low as $1, the banks are ready and waiting to pounce and charge you astronomical fees for each overdraft to you account. Not only is it annoying, it just doesn’t seem right. An overdraft payday loan can help you avoid those unnecessary charges by adding immediate funds to your bank account, which you can also then use for outstanding bills or emergency medical treatment when you simply don’t have enough cash before your next payday.

One man's emergency is another man's need

Typical bank account payday loans are beneficial for those that need cash in an emergency situation. What is deemed an ‘emergency’ will definitely vary from person to person, although as a general rule and emergency would be something that you need to pay for immediately or else you will be in deep water, or perhaps even to purchase groceries or to be able to put some food on the table for your family. Buying a new wardrobe or paying for a weekend vacation would not be deemed an emergency and using bank account payday loans for these purposes would not be a wise investment.  However, there is nothing wrong with getting an online payday loan for those types of situations either as long as your financial situation allows for it and you can afford to pay it back on your next payday.

Stop the Bank Fee Madness

Many people these days have multiple direct debits coming out of their bank account weekly, every two weeks or monthly. If you keep good track of these and always make sure you leave enough funds in your account, then you are lucky, because you won’t be slugged by the banks overdraft fees, or the fees that are charged by the banks when a check bounces. In an emergency financial situation, you may need to use the money you have put aside in your account for these automatic debits, meaning that your account will be overdrawn when the debits occur.  Online payday loans can be used to put money into your account so that it doesn’t go into the red.

Payday Loan vs Credit Card Fees

Another situation where online payday loans can come in handy is in relation to credit cards. Now in no way, shape or form would I suggest you take out a payday loan to purchase luxury items that you might normally place on your credit card, however if you add up all of your credit card fees, repayments, annual account payments and the interest, it could be a wise move to get rid of credit card debt from your life and instead, when you find yourself needing urgent cash for groceries or an overdue gas bill, perhaps obtaining an online payday loan would be a better choice in this situation. When you put something on your credit card it can be forgotten about quite quickly and the burden is put on you to make sure you repay the amount as soon as possible. Taking advantage of an online payday loan will mean that the repayment will be scheduled for you and the loan will be repaid quickly.  There will be no lingering payment after payment to the credit card company. With an online payday loan the payday loan lender will disclose the full cost of the loan to you prior to you accepting the loan.

Payday Loans Beat the Banks and Credit Cards

If you work out the figures on what it will cost you if your bank account is repeatedly overdrawn or all of the fees and charges associated with your credit cards, online payday loans will definitely be a better alternative solution when you simply don’t have enough cash for the necessities in life. When used sensibly and sparingly, online payday loans can help you beat some of the high fees you are currently having to pay.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do You Need to Obtain a Bank Loan When You Need Cash Fast?

What kind of loan gets you cash fast?

Most people are familiar with home loans, car loans and bank loans and many of us have a number of these loans going at the same time. These are usually considered long term loans, although this will depend on the amount you had to borrow initially and your ability to pay it off over a certain period of time. If you need cash in a hurry, obviously a home loan and car loan is out of the question, but what about a bank loan?

A bank loan can generally be obtained through your financial institution and the amount you apply for will depend on your individual needs. If you need an amount greater than say $1500, then perhaps a bank loan is the way to go. If you require cash in a hurry and only need a small amount of under $1500 to see you through to your next payday, then there may be other loan products to consider, rather than rushing in to take out a bank loan.

To apply for a bank loan in the traditional sense, you will need to visit your local bank branch, supply evidence of your pay checks and banking account details and you will also have to undergo a credit check. This would not present any problem for most of us, however many people have had trouble in the past with store cards and credit cards and this has left them with a blemish on their credit history. Banks try and avoid dealing with people who have any bad credit history and if you fall into this category, a bank loan would definitely be out of the question for you.

I guess the term bank loan (personal loan) can be viewed in a number of different ways, and at the end of the day, all loans are of a personal nature and are personal to the person who is making the application. This being said, payday loans and payday advances could also be considered as a personal loan, however they are much easier to obtain, which is extremely handy when you need cash fast and even handier when you have anything bad on your credit report.

Obtaining a personal loan in the form of a quick cash advance or a payday loan has been simplified over the years and has filled the gap between long term loans and short term loans. Imagine being $100 or $200 short before your next payday and having to go to your local bank to obtain a personal loan for the money. The amount of time and effort wasted for such a small amount doesn’t really seem to be worthwhile. You could place the items you need on a credit card, however the interest payments on these can also be quite high and due to the fact that pulling out your credit card can be an extremely easy thing to do and just as easy to forget about, many simply pay only the minimum amount at the end of each month. Obtaining a personal loan in the form of an online payday loan makes much more sense when you only need a small amount of cash and it will definitely be cheaper than adding it onto your credit card and paying interest on it for the next 12 months or longer.

So when you need a small amount of cash fast, consider a personal loan with a difference and take advantage of the benefits of a short term loan, such as a payday loan or a cash advance.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Take care of your bills now - don't let your credit suffer!

Most people get paid bi-weekly, but bills seem to come whenever, often creating big dents in your account when they hit. Instead of damaging your credit with unpaid items or 60 and 90 day late bills, apply online now at National Cash Credit for a payday loan or cash loan today. With the application process and approval done online from the privacy of your home or office, you can take care of money issues quickly and confidentially, without the chore of walking in to a payday loan shop where you will have to wait in line with others and stand around while people shuffle through paperwork and waste your precious work time.

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National Cash Credit pre-approves all of their lenders, and their network of lenders compete to offer you the best deal possible on a payday loan or cash loan. This ensures you won't get overcharged on your instant payday loan and creates a competitive market where lenders offer you the most money for the least out of pocket cost to you. You pay you bills on time, save your credit from becoming bad credit, and all is well again...for only a small fee!

We're here to help. We love working with our lenders to make sure you're getting the best in faxless payday loans, cash loans and no credit check payday loans possible. We got tired of seeing lenders hiking their fees at the expense of good people who don't have the time or the extra cash to throw at lending companies, and our network of competitive lenders offers a breath of fresh air to customers seeking a little financial cushion before the next payday arrives. No nonsense, just secure, fast payday loans online for any need, any time.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Just How Fast is a Fast Online Payday Loan?

Speed is something we all wish for, and nothing can be closer to the truth when it comes to emergency situations and the need for some quick funds in your bank account. We all know what it feels like to have no money in our bank account with payday still being days or weeks away, and to put it quite simply, it feels awful and can lead to depression. So you need to consider whether you can lift your head up and be strong until your next payday comes around, or whether you need to get an online payday loan to help you through your short term financial crisis.

In terms of speed, an online payday loan is possibly the quickest way to obtain funds in your bank account when you compare it with some of the more traditional loan methods. It is often the case that the funds will be in your bank account clear to withdraw by the next business morning hours of being approved for the online payday loan, and sometimes the entire process is even quicker than this. This is because an online payday loan is designed to help you out when you have a situation or emergency that requires you to make a payment or withdraw funds from your account immediately to get you out of the situation you found yourself in. Online payday loan lenders understand that time is often of the essence, so they have made it quite simple and convenient to access some quick cash through obtaining an online payday loan.

Due to the fast nature of an online payday loan, there are interest charges that will be applied to the loan and these will need to be repaid when the loan is repaid. This is why you need to decide if you can wait until your next payday or if the emergency is such that you simply can’t wait. When you can’t wait, you can take advantage of an online payday loan, and the trade off is the fact that you will need to repay a bit more for the convenient service. That being said, the interest rates are often advertised at an annual rate, so where you might find a particular online payday loan lender charges 500% in interest, this will be the annual rate and does not mean that if you borrowed $100 for a period of 14 days and repaid the entire amount within 14 days, that you would be required to fork out an additional 500% of the original loan amount. All reputable online payday loan lenders will be upfront with their interest rates and any additional fees and charges, prior to you accepting the loan and receiving the funds, and this is extremely important. As a very general rule, for every $100 you borrow you will need to repay approximately $120, however this is only general and the actual interest, terms and conditions will vary from one online payday loan lender to the next.

An online payday loan is definitely a fast cash solution when you need money now. It is not something you should consider as a long term loan or long term solution to your financial problems, and it should be used sparingly and paid back as quickly as you can.

Top 10 Reasons to Get a No Fax Payday Loan

There are actually 100's of reasons you could need cash fast but none we can't help you with

Let our network of safe and secure lenders compete for your business

1) The Car Payment or Title Is Due  
2) The Rent Is Going to be Late
3) You Still have Holiday Shopping to do
4) A Medical Or Dental Bill Came out of Nowhere
5) You have an Emergency House Repair
6) You Have No Food for the Kids
7) Gas Prices are Outpacing Your Available Cash
8) You Need to Pay Credit Card Bills to Avoid their High Fees
9) Need Money But Your Credit History Has let you Down
10) You Have a Big Date

Being short of cash is no laughing matter so we are here to help you get a Cash Advance any time of day or night.  Thank you, National Cash Credit