Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do You Need to Obtain a Bank Loan When You Need Cash Fast?

What kind of loan gets you cash fast?

Most people are familiar with home loans, car loans and bank loans and many of us have a number of these loans going at the same time. These are usually considered long term loans, although this will depend on the amount you had to borrow initially and your ability to pay it off over a certain period of time. If you need cash in a hurry, obviously a home loan and car loan is out of the question, but what about a bank loan?

A bank loan can generally be obtained through your financial institution and the amount you apply for will depend on your individual needs. If you need an amount greater than say $1500, then perhaps a bank loan is the way to go. If you require cash in a hurry and only need a small amount of under $1500 to see you through to your next payday, then there may be other loan products to consider, rather than rushing in to take out a bank loan.

To apply for a bank loan in the traditional sense, you will need to visit your local bank branch, supply evidence of your pay checks and banking account details and you will also have to undergo a credit check. This would not present any problem for most of us, however many people have had trouble in the past with store cards and credit cards and this has left them with a blemish on their credit history. Banks try and avoid dealing with people who have any bad credit history and if you fall into this category, a bank loan would definitely be out of the question for you.

I guess the term bank loan (personal loan) can be viewed in a number of different ways, and at the end of the day, all loans are of a personal nature and are personal to the person who is making the application. This being said, payday loans and payday advances could also be considered as a personal loan, however they are much easier to obtain, which is extremely handy when you need cash fast and even handier when you have anything bad on your credit report.

Obtaining a personal loan in the form of a quick cash advance or a payday loan has been simplified over the years and has filled the gap between long term loans and short term loans. Imagine being $100 or $200 short before your next payday and having to go to your local bank to obtain a personal loan for the money. The amount of time and effort wasted for such a small amount doesn’t really seem to be worthwhile. You could place the items you need on a credit card, however the interest payments on these can also be quite high and due to the fact that pulling out your credit card can be an extremely easy thing to do and just as easy to forget about, many simply pay only the minimum amount at the end of each month. Obtaining a personal loan in the form of an online payday loan makes much more sense when you only need a small amount of cash and it will definitely be cheaper than adding it onto your credit card and paying interest on it for the next 12 months or longer.

So when you need a small amount of cash fast, consider a personal loan with a difference and take advantage of the benefits of a short term loan, such as a payday loan or a cash advance.

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